Common Problems

Your body is an amazing machine

We at Truscott Physiotherapy Clinic help you keep it moving the way it should. We specialise in diagnosing the causes of your discomfort or immobility and developing a Personal Physiotherapy Treatment Plan tailored to your specific needs, to get you and your body back on track.

Common Problems that we encounter at our Physiotherapy Clinic in Leeds can be seen below.

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Regular Physiotherapy Clinic complaints that we treat successfully
Body Skeleton and Common Regular Physiotherapy Clinic Complaints
Head – headaches or head pain from postural problems.

Neck Pain – general neck ache, pain with wear and tear, tension in the neck and shoulders, cervical spondylosis, whiplash injury, trapped nerve with arm pain, work-related aches and pains, post-op rehab requirements.

Shoulder Injuries – Rotator cuff injury, impingement syndrome, frozen shoulder/Capsulitis, broken/ fractured arm, dislocated shoulder, acromio-clavicular disorders, sports injuries, work related disorders & general aches and pains, sprains and strains.

Elbow – Tennis elbow, golfers elbow, epicondylitis, work related disorders/repetitive strain of tendons, sprains and strains to joints or tendons, rehab requirements following broken bones and surgery.

Wrist – Sprained wrist, rehab requirements following breaks/fractures, work-related tendonopathy.

Middle back – stabbing pain between the shoulder blades, aches and stiffness in the middle of the back, postural pain from prolonged working positions, intercostal pain or fractured ribs.

Tummy – Weak abdominal muscles and poor core stability. Post-natal advice for weak abdominals.

Lower back pain – back ache from gardening/diy, low back pain acute or chronic, Sciatica, pelvic pain, lumbar spondylosis, bulging/prolapsed disc, degenerative disc disease, post-op rehab requirements, Sacro-iliac disorders.

Hip – Osteoarthritis, stiffness and wear and tear, sports injuries, groin strain, Ilio-tibial band problems ITB, sports/dance injuries, post-op rehab following hip fractures or replacements.

Knee – Osteoarthritis, ligament sprain, twisting/sports injuries, cartilage/Meniscus tear, knee cap/patella pain and disorders, bursitis, rehab requirements following surgery including replacements.

Ankle and Foot – Sprained ankle, fractures/breaks, ligament damage, shin splints, foot complaints, heel pain/plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonopathy, all sports/dance injuries.

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